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New Silk Road, New Journey


On the 16th of December, “ New Silk Road, New Journey” event was successfully held in Shanghai, attracting over 300 runners from industries such as transportation, port and shipping, trade, finance, tourism and culture. At the same assisting Kai Markus Xiong to realize his dream of running from Hamburg – Shanghai.





Kai departed from Hamburg Germany on the 12th of March 2017, his partner Victor accompanied him in his 1986 model Volkswagen Beetle supply car. Over 9 months and crossing 8 months following the silk road and 12000km to Shanghai, this event represented the final 10kms of Kai’s journey. At 8am at the sound of the starting gun the runner departed from SIPG passenger terminal, in the fresh morning air following the scenic north bund views, with a 6km fun run and 10km route. At the same time along the route were activity stations each representing a country that Kai passed on his journey. At the end of the activity Kai and his partner Victor crossed the line together completing the 12000km and realizing their dream.



Silk Road runner Kai received a lot of attention from the start of the project, from China, Germany, companies and groups have shown him help and support all along his journey, especially since arriving in China, many people who share his aspirations have joined him, especially in Gobi Dunhuang, the old city wall in Xi’an and the universities along the way where he would make speeches. In Hubei province 11000km into his journey Kai was injured in an accident, it was decided between Kai and Victor that Victor would finish the final 1000km and complete the project as a team. Kai used his own method to promote the “breakdown of prejudice” , “ teamwork”, open mindedness” cultural sharing” win-win cooperation”  the understanding spirit of the silk road and his support for the “One belt, One Road” initiative. He exhibiting the spirit of Xuan Zang, “ideals, action, perseverance” encouraging young people to chase their dreams and at the same time offering insight and understanding to other countries about China by becoming a cultural bridge.




This activity was held by COSCO Shipping, Shanghai International Port Group and Unitrans Group, they also during this organized a sharing activity for Kai. Under the strategy of building Shanghai international shipping center, the world's largest fully automated container terminal - on the ocean of four phase of Yangshan port wharf just successfully open port of the background, the success of the event, the symbol of the dream of landing on the silk road and the maritime silk road relay of the 21st century, is a symbol of Shanghai as a maritime silk road, as a symbol of long civilization and a new era of the communion. At the same time, it is also a positive response to the national "One Belt And One Road" initiative, as well as the healthy China strategy proposed by the nineteenth National Congress of the Communist Party of China .




Inland silk road dream is completed the maritime silk road begins. Kai remarked that“I am extremely found of Chinese culture, my wife is actually Chinese. I hope though this project, I can improve people’s understanding of China. I am grateful to all my partners in China whom helped me achieve my dream, in the future I will use my own method of continuing the new silk road, the new journey.





018 will be the 20th year of Unitrans Group, for 20 years we have shown perseverance in chasing our dream, solidarity and struggle, following the philosophy of be professional, make good friends, as well as “ideals, action and perseverance” and “ love, vigor and responsibility” this spirit has helped us create a team and in these aspects we have a lot in common with Kai.  This event was attended by all companies under the UG umbrella, with a total of over 40 colleagues with some running, some in a working capacity and some as volunteers and cheerleaders. They have all followed Kai on his journey and showed great passion and spirit and have learned a lot. From this event, UG have again practiced our corporate culture, we have started our 20th year at a good pace and under the guidance of the “ one belt one road” initiative have started our new journey.