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Insider's Activity

Across Gobi, Across the Silk Road


    19-21/08/2017 Unitrans Group Gobi training team and runner Kai Markus Xiong went to the Gobi desert for a challenging 72 hour trek covering 88 km.


    Kai has a love for Chinese history and a passion for improving communication and the sharing of cultures. His project is also a sign of his support for the “One Belt, One Road” policy. His plan is to run along the “Silk Road” totaling 12,000 km. He departed from Hamburg in Germany on the 12th of March. Before entering China, he had already passed through Germany, Poland, Belarus, Russia, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan and Kyrgyzstan. During his run, he has encountered various types of harsh weather as well as running across desert and high altitude.


    17/08 Kai arrived in Dunhuang a place of great importance along the ancient silk road, here he was welcomed by the Unitrans Group Gobi training team.

18/08 Unitrans Group held a welcoming ceremony for Kai as well as an opening ceremony for Gobi 2. Member of Dunhuang Municipal Committee, Deputy Mayor Mr. Chen Hao and the Undersecretary of Dunhuang Tourism Bureau Mrs. He Yanhong were both present to meet Kai.